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How to Apply for Citibank Personal Loan:

Citibank was started in 1812 and its headquarter is located in New York City. It is an established bank that operates in over 100 countries. Citibank provides a wide range of financial products, including checking accounts, credit cards, and personal loans.

About Citibank Personal Loan:

Citibank provides a variety of financial products, including credit cards, checking accounts, and personal loans. They provide their personal loans to the eligible Citibank deposit account holders, and the borrowers can use the funds for almost any reason.

To get qualified for the Citibank personal loan, your annual income must be $10,500 and you will need an eligible Citi deposit account that is been open for at least three months. The APRs for this loan range from 7.99% to 23.99%, the loan amounts range is between $2,000 to $30,000, and the repayment terms range from one to five years. This company mainly provides the funds to cover costs like home improvements or to consolidate high-interest debt.

Types of Personal Loans Offered by Citibank:

Citibank’s personal loans can be used to cover a variety of costs, such as:

  • Debt Consolidation
  • Home Improvements
  • Weddings

However, the borrowers are prohibited from using the funds for post-secondary education.

Apart from having an existing Citi deposit account that is been open for three months, you must have a good credit history. You must also meet the following qualification requirements for a personal loan with Citibank:

  • Your annual income has to be at least $10,500.
  • Make sure that you don’t have an existing Citi personal loan less than 6 months old.

Time to Receive the Loan Funds:

Citibank takes much funding time for its personal loans compared to the other lenders. Some lenders out there issue your loan funds as soon as the same day. But the Citibank takes around five business days to mail checks to approved the borrowers. Also, you will not get the option to receive the loan proceeds by direct deposit.

Citibank Personal Loan Features:

These are the following features that you will get with the Citibank Personal Loan:

  • Mobile App: The Citi Mobile app is available for download on Android and Apple phones. The app lets you view your loan balance and make payments for your loan.
  • Earn Citi ThankYou Points: After you link your personal loan to an eligible Citibank checking account, you will receive the Citi ThankYou rewards points. Later on, you can redeem the ThankYou points for cash, travel, gift cards, and more.
  • Minimal Fees: Although there is a late payment fee of $25 and increases the interest rate by 2% for the borrowers 60 days behind on repaying their loan, you will not be charging any origination fee for processing the loan. This means, if you get approved for the loan, you will not charge any fees from your total amount.

Apply for Citibank Personal Loan:

In order to apply for the Citibank personal loan, you must meet the qualification requirements. You can simply submit a formal application in person or online on their official website. After applying, the lender will perform a hard inquiry to assess your creditworthiness and after that, they will determine how much loan you might be approved for.

To apply for the Citibank personal loan, you just have to follow these simple instructions below:

  • Firstly, you need to visit this link www.citi.com/personalloan.
  • Then, simply input your registered User ID and Password on the given fields.
  • After providing your login credentials on the given fields, select the Sign on option.


citibank personal loan login


  • Once you logged in to your Citi account, you have to follow the further steps to apply for the Citibank personal loan.

How to Make the Repayment of Citibank Personal Loan:

You can easily make the repayment for your Citibank personal loan by following these simple instructions below:

  • You have to visit this link www.citi.com, for direct access to the Citi website.
  • There, on the right side of the homepage, you will get the login section.
  • You have to provide your registered User ID and Password in the given section.
  • After entering your login credentials on the login credentials, select the Sign-On option.
  • Once you logged in to your account, you have to look for the Citibank personal loan repayment.

Contact Info:

If you have any problems while applying for the Citibank Personal Loan, then you can contact the customer service department.

Call At: 1-800-685-0935

TTY: 1-800-945-0258

Reference Link:



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